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BBC News reported residents have complained they're overwhelmed by an overly sweet smell the factory emits, which makes them want to close their doors, seal their windows and possibly hold their breath. When applying this deodorant, use a lighter hand than you would with normal stick deodorant, especially the first couple of days or it'll drop little balls on your bathroom rug. I never thought I would make homemade deodorant, believe me, but as I told you Wednesday when we talked about hazards of antiperspirants , I wanted to make a baby step away from antiperspirant last December. Aughh I have tried using baking soda on my armpits…various recipes….I have had to endure pits of fire" for weeks!! After it sits 2-3 days it's ready, spray your hunting area down good, spray your boots and pant legs.

A bar of deodorant soap can be purchased for under $5. The Tom's of Maine Deodorant Soap is about $5 at Wal-Mart, Lever 2000 Refresh retails for between $2 to $3 for a two-pack and the Dial Gold Antibacterial Deodorant Soap is about $3 for a three pack.

I started using matcha in my first homemade natural deodorant deodorant, a recipe that I almost posted on this blog last year. It's smoother than the average baking soda deodorant, but grainier and not as smooth and creamy as my zinc oxide deodorant. Neem oil is bitter, so dogs won't lick it. HOWEVER, MAKE SURE THAT UR DOG ISN'T ALLERGIC TO THIS MIX. There is one thing about this formula that you can change quickly, and that's making a better selection in your deodorant. Dr. Winston Wong, a podiatrist based in Manhattan, has your simple solution: put deodorant on your feet. Combine 1/2 cup of baking soda, 1/2 cup of cornstarch and a few drops of essential oils such as lavender or cinnamon to give it a hint of sweet smell. I hope someone could maybe guide me a little as i want to stick with this deodorant so much!! As far as clean up, I melted my beeswax in a mason jar I use specifically for that purpose.

Please note, however, that this recipe is still somewhat creamy, and less solid than most commercial deodorant. I opt for aluminum free deodorant too, but I had heard that crystal deodorants still had aluminum which was why I hadn't tried them. I just made this recipe a week ago, I followed the amounts in the recipe exactly and it made 4 tubes of deodorant. Thanks for reaching out + for sharing :). This deodorant recipe happens to work best for me, but if baking soda if your personal go-to, that's awesome, too! In addition to those things, it is also a highly regarded and highly effective deodorant. Occasionally now I do use baking soda and vinegar on them (it's so great because there is no lather to worry about) but usually it's still just a good rise with the bath water. Antiperspirant and deodorant pads (or wipes) are another option for eliminating wetness and odor. Select a variety of your favorite aromatic essential oils to create a natural body spray that will be uniquely yours.

Before applying it I rub some neat coconut oil under my armpits, then add my deodorant on top of that. This results in NO irritation and the mixture is still very effective for well over 24 hours. There's just enough baking soda to keep me fresh and not enough to make me burn.

My current deodorant will last me another month or two, but then I'll try making this with Citricidal (a grapefruit-based natural antibacterial), and maybe a lemon essential oil. Last time that happened, I made a '˜ball' of coconut oil by softening it, then making a ball maybe 1.5-2x the size of a golf ball (huge hush puppy!), which I then stored in the frig.

On the other hand, if you were to want to just replace the almond oil for the castor oil (while still using the zinc), that probably would work fine. The aluminum in Calcium Bentonite Clay is in a safe oxide form, not the dangerous man-made processed aluminum.

I double the recipe and I double the amount of baking soda when I make it and I store this in small sized mason style jars for easy application after I shower. This deodorant won't have the same antiperspirant properties that some deodorants have, but it will keep you smelling good all day with only minimal use.

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